The SGLT2 inhibitor Empagliflozin is well documented to significantly reduce cardiovascular death and hospitalisation for heart failure when compared to placebo, in patients with diabetes having high risks for heart disease.


Empagliflozin also significantly reduced hospital admission or cardiovascular mortality in patients with heart failure with both reduced or preserved ejection fraction; in HFrEF and HFpEF. The EMPEROR REDUCED and EMPEROR PRESERVED trials that included more than 9000 patients with heart failure and randomised them to 10 mg Empagliflozin or placebo and demonstrated substantial effectiveness in cutting hospital admission for heart failure or heart disease death.


Three days ago a large double blind randomised trial EMPA KIDNEY including 6600 patients with chronic kidney disease showed significant slowing of kidney disease (by 28%), with 10 mg of Empagliflozin once. day. The drug was effective in patients regardless of their sex, ethnicity or if they had diabetes or not. Empagliflozin therapy led to a lower risk of progression of kidney disease or death from heart disease than placebo.


There was also a 14% reduction in hospitalisation for heart failure.


Empagliflozin is available in India, the dose is 10 mg tablet once a day, and the cost is quite reasonable.

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