The CDC chief stated last month that it is “critically important” one takes the bivalent vaccine injection, but in a month she came down with Covid.


A senior Pfizer executive has gone on record in the European Parliament that Pfizer was completely in the dark of their vaccine stopping transmission before putting the vaccine in the market; Pfizer had absolutely no data on transmission ! Considerable data has been collected demonstrating adverse effects of mRNA and DNA vaccines in young people, who any way are naturally protected from severe covid, hence vaccinating the young is Illogical.


Hence, quite a few countries, are now not keen on vaccinating every one under the age of 50 (Denmark) or even 65 (Norway). Myocarditis following mRNA vaccines is a real and present danger, with inflammation persisting for months as shown by cardiac MRI.


There are also reports of people dying in their sleep.An article in the Epoch Times (a far right anti communist news paper) has quoted a senior American cardiologist that deaths during slumber are because of vaccine myocarditis. There is a “paradoxical” release of catecholamines that triggers lethal arrhythmia resulting in death.


I am sceptical of this explanation, that all deaths during sleep are due to myocarditis subsequent to mRNA vaccination.


It is imperative that Long QT Syndrome type 3 or LQT3 is ruled out in deaths whilst asleep. LQT3 is a well recognised genetic disease with gain of function in the gene encoding sodium channel.


In this channelopathy there are mutations in the SCN5A gene present in Chromosome 3. People afflicted with this genetic disease can die while asleep or at rest, there is no role of emotional or physical stress.


Long QT syndromes has prolongation in the recharging or depolarisation time of the heart. When the QT interval on the 12 lead ECG gets longer than 500 ms the concerned ┬áperson is vulnerable to lethal polymorphic ventricular tachycardia that swings around a point and therefore called “Torsades de Pointes” or TdP.


Patients with LQT1 and LQT2 suffer from palpitations, fainting spells, seizures, and sudden death. Physical effort such a swimming or diving into a pool can trigger TdP in LQT1, while a sudden loud noise does it in LQT2.


But LQT3 albeit uncommon can spark a lethal polymorphic ventricular tachycardia during sleep. Patients with LQT usually but not always have a prolonged QT interval in the ECG, and the problem is confirmed by genetic analysis, which is expensive and takes time.


In conclusion before damning vaccine induced myocarditis for every death during sleep, LQT3 should and must be considered. The molecular analysis can be done at autopsy.


Especially because a sibling or a relative could be the next casualty.


PS: The Epoch Times has some excellent reporting on Covid 19, and I highly recommend it.

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