The performance of the Indian cricket team in the T20 semifinal was a downright disgrace but no cricket pundit Indian or foreign dare utter a word for fear of swift retribution by the BCCI. No more TV appearances, no more commentary, no more newspaper column, no more perks.



Despite having the fastest bowler in the world to venture into Australian pitches for the T 20 World Cup beggars belief, an astounding decision/blunder by any standards.



We had the worst Powerplay average score (runs scored in the first 6 overs)! So much for our much acclaimed opening pair. Whatever happened to Prithvi Shaw, Gill, Ishan Kishan, and of course Sanju Samson ??


The worlds 100 m (men) record holder Usain Bolt despite being a Jamaican considered Waqar Younis his favourite fast bowler ! Waqar Younis, one of the greatest fast bowlers the world has ever seen, was picked up for the Pakistani international team by Imran Khan as he watched him play a first class match on television! Waqar had played a mere 6-7 first class matches by then. The BCCI must make note of the above.



Similarly no one seems to be notice excess non Covid deaths in many parts of the world, especially where gene vaccines have been employed. In England and Wales excess deaths have occurred week after week since April 2022, there are now more than 39,000 excess deaths. Less than 6% of excess deaths are Covid related. The UK government statistics bureau (ONS) provides data ( on their website) on deaths by vaccine status; regardless of age more people who are vaccinated have died than those unvaccinated.



It is imperative that the causes of excess deaths across the planet are ascertained before mandating boosters on a yearly or 6 monthly basis. Whether these excess deaths are collateral damage because of lockdowns, or due to vaccines needs to found out, and quickly. There are too many elephants in the room.

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