A German autopsy study has found 5 patients ( of 25 sudden deaths soon after covid vaccination ) with sudden death within 3 days of mRNA covid vaccination demonstrating myocarditis or inflammation of heart. Mean age of those dying was 58 years. These 5 dead autopsied hearts did not have evidence of any viral infection, or underlying heart disease ( coronary artery disease or cardiomyopathy).



A few months ago JAMA published official American (CDC) showing an incidence of 105 per million cases of myocarditis post Covid vaccination. Mean age is 21 years, 80 % are males, and onset of myocarditis was 2 days post injection of vaccine. Almost 98% had raised troponin levels, more than 70% had ECG and cardiac MRI changes.



Last year a scientific letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine described 2 patients with severe left ventricle dysfunction soon after mRNA jabs, both were in their 40’s. The left ventricle ejection fraction dropped to 15-20% only, there was no evidence of any viral infection, their coronary arteries were normal. One of them went into cariogenic shock and died.



The German autopsy researchers suggest that post vaccine myocarditis may be due to an auto immune reaction as there was a preponderance of CD4 type T cells apart from heart cell damage. They postulate that because heart size was normal , the sudden deaths may have been to rhythm disturbance, either the heart stopped beating or there was lethal ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation.



Moreover inflammation in these 5 sudden death hearts ( in the German study) was restricted to the right ventricle or inter ventricular septum.



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