It is more or less clear that the effectiveness of vaccines is dwindling substantially after 6 months, and this must have been known to the companies that manufacture them. The level of antibodies against the Astra Zeneca (AZ) vaccine is markedly lowered after a mere 70 days, as published in the Lancet.


Public Health England has published data (in the NEJM )that the effectiveness of the AZ vaccine against the Delta variant is less than 70% and around 88% with the Pfizer vaccine.


University College London suggests that effectiveness is just 0% against mild infection and 60% against severe infection.


The Israeli health ministry has acknowledged a study that effectiveness against serious infection against the delta variant is around 50% in those over 60 years. This is understandable as old people are unable to ramp up antibody production.


None of these studies have measured T cells or memory B cells that may endure much longer and tackle the severe infection. On the field, however, breakthrough infections are on the rise.


Against this information we now learn from there noted British journalist Piers Morgan that he contracted the Covid 19 virus in the Euro Cup finals between England and Italy. He developed a high fever accompanied by cough and body aches. One of his favorite wines tasted like “rusty water” because of his loss of smell and taste. Albeit he is on the road to recovery his doctor has advised high dose corticosteroids to prevent “long covid.”


There is no randomized trial on high-dose corticosteroids to prevent long covid. Or is that despite 2 jabs of the AZ vaccine Piers still managed to get severe Covid.


Piers also mentions Andrew Marr (with the BBC) who contracted the virus in the G7 Summit despite, yes, 2 vaccine jabs. I do not have the details of the gravity of Mr. Marr’s illness.


The fact remains that 2 vaccine jabs are no guarantee against contracting C -19. Which brings us to the question as to why Piers was not offered effective early treatment for his illness. It is time that Piers does some research on ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and anti-androgen drugs.


It would do the community and people at large on the planet if Piers writes on ivermectin or the impact of early treatment. Common sense dictates that if the virus is tackled within 2-4 days there is very little possibility of any immune reaction developing in the future.


I have a soft corner for Piers because I have watched him face 6 balls (ouch !) from Bret Lee, one of the fastest bowlers emerging from Aussie. Bret could easily touch 150 K/hour in his peak, and that is faaaaast. If nothing else Piers has guts. The over may not be in the league of a Shoaib Akhtar bowling to Sachin Tendulkar, Malcolm Marshall attacking Sunil Gavaskar, or Dennis Lillee hurling a cork ball at Vivian Richards, but it is still worth watching. “Bring it on” urges Piers after being struck by Bret Lee, some pluck.


If only Piers had been provided ivermectin right away on the 13th or 14th of July. Here is wishing him complete recovery from the damn virus.

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