I do not manufacture, distribute, or sell ivermectin. I have no stocks in any company that produces ivermectin. I am not in any committee that sets down guidelines regarding covid treatment or management. There are absolutely no conflicts of interest where I am concerned.



But I get disturbed when I read reports of young people in the West who are sent back home to get sicker without being provided any kind of treatment. I get even more disturbed when leading newspapers publish pieces on the sufferings of these young people afflicted with covid. Some of these young people land up in hospitals and even get admitted to intensive care.



What is shocking is that even after more than a year of chaos powerful people are adamant in their stance against ivermectin Actually it will be now 2 years according to credible reports, since the start of the pandemic.



This unyielding rigid stand against ivermectin is not only unreasonable but downright suspicious with so much data of efficacy with ivermectin available in the literature.



I doubt if any doctor in the NIH, CDC, or the White House group has treated a patient with covid.


We now have a large Indian trial including more than 3500 health care workers published in a peer-reviewed journal that reveals a relative 83% reduction in infection with ivermectin prophylaxis. There was in fact a 10% absolute lowering in infection. Cases were confirmed by a PCR test.


Adverse effects were seen in only 1.8%, these were mild, brief, and settled down without hospitalization. Frankly, 2 tablets of ivermectin are just not capable of producing serious side effects. Ivermectin has been used for more than 3 decades.


Symptomatic infection was reduced from 15% to 6%. Is it just lack of empathy or compassion that drives the propaganda against ivermectin, or is something more simple like fiscal benefit?



But will the New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, Sunday Times, Times of India, or Indian Express bother to do a write-up on this study? Absolutely not. You can be sure they will not touch it.


The New York Times instead, as I say in my video, goes to great lengths to describe how an unvaccinated American young man lands up in intensive care for 11 days. What the newspaper does not explain why this young man was not given any treatment while he languished at home after being found to be covid positive. He was packed off with an oximeter and little or no other advice. He took no treatment, deteriorated at home, and was compelled to arrive to the hospital emergency.


Was any one of the known effective medicines tried on him? No, they were not. Certainly not ivermectin, nor fluvoxamine, nor famotidine. Not even budesonide?


Scaremongering at its very best.


Move over Mr. Francisco Scaramanga. You were fiction buddy, this is for real.


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