Lancet 2020; 395: 200–11

There is something toxic with the Indian intelligence agencies. Its still too early to know how deep the rot is but it cannot be less than considerable. The question hovering around now is whether national security has gone septic now or whether it had been so for some time now. Even at first sight the arrest of Mr. Devinder Singh, DSP from Kashmir promises more than a sniff of a policeman gone corrupt. . Mr.Singh was remarkably nabbed ferrying not 2 but 3 terrorists in a car probably directed towards Delhi. Crucially the Republic Day is around the corner. Apparently the terrorists began their fantastic voyage form Mr.Singh’s home., a quaint coincidence. The Wire has reported that Afzal Guru had actually written a letter in broken English describing some strange events. Afzal Guru subsequent to being mercilessly tortured by Mr Singh, and coughing up Rupees 80,000 to him, was urged by Mr Singh to ferry Mr Mohammad (who did not speak Kashmiri) to Delhi. Afzal Guru was instructed by Mr.Singh to provide accommodation for Mr. Mohammad in Delhi, in fact Afzal Guru also helped Mr Mohammad purchase a car form Karl Bagh. The same Mr Mohammad was among the 5 terrorists shot dead in the Parliament Attack. Incidentally my Father was in Parliament that fateful day, and was quite unfazed when he got home. Afzal Guru wrote that both he and Mr Mohammad had mobile phones that received calls from our Mr Singh before the Parliament attack. The credibility of this letter is on thin ice because a man sentenced to hanging (until dead ) can clutch at straws. But Mr Singh has with great pride publicly acknowledged torturing Afzal Guru while the man was in his custody. Mr Singh was also posted in Pulwama, and till a few days before getting arrested was a part of the anti hijacking team at Srinagar airport. Why would a senior police man , an important component in the security apparatus of Kashmir , get conveniently caught escorting chaps from Hizbul Mujahideen? His chutzpah is breathtaking; it was as if he has been doing this on a regular basis; it is too audacious for a cop gone rogue. There is obviously much more than that meets the eye. It certainly a bit more complex than senior journalists attempting to tidy up the clutter around us. In the process they reveal their naiveté.


The Indian public knows little of “false flags.” Simply put the classic False Flag is to stage or actually attack one own asset, property or installation in order to agitate the public to the extent that people demand action. One of the first false flag operation was done by the Germans who attacked their own transmitter station, but alleged the Poles had done it; to subsequently launch an all out attack against Poland. The German people were indignant enough to egg their forces on with tremendous gusto; little realising a World War had been ignited, which ultimately would result in the death of millions and the ruin of Germany itself. The Japanese had staged a demolition job on its own railway to invade China, alleging the Chinese were behind the railway sabotage.


The Russians have been incriminated in a number of recent false flag attacks; the Russians are experts in false flag cyber attacks. Russian intelligence recently launched several hackings into 20 countries , mostly in the Middle East. Iran was the suspect but actually it was Russian intelligence , mercifully there was no attack against Iran then. The Russians probably never intended Suleimani’s assassination. A False Flag cyberattack is when a hacker stages an attack in such a way that the victim or people at large blame the state being framed.


Sony Pictures was hacked in 2014, with huge amounts of personal data being flung out in the open. The ‘Guardians of Peace” took initial responsibility but forensics finally figured out that the North Koreans were behind the hacking. Pro Russian hackers in Ukraine penetrated sensitive data of the (pro West) Ukraine government and also NATO to release information that deeply embarrassed the Americans and the EU. You have to admire the Russians, who took over an Iranian hacking team without the Iranians having a clue. “Tulra” (Russian)took over “Oilrig”(Iranian). The Russians were masquerading as Islamists. The Iranians were running a hacking ship minus their own flag but a fake flag; as and when possible they merrily cyber attacked vulnerable countries. Russian intelligence however penetrated the Iranian ship and used the Iran flag to assault whom they wished; the victims after rigorous investigation concluded the culprit was Iran ! What a False Flag by the Russian !Its not the Russians alone, the Americans and Israelis are equally adept and nimble with False Flags.


The New York Times published an Opinion piece on the bombing of 2 oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The Americans claimed the attacks were done by Iranians. The Iranians immediately issued a firm denial. According to the Americans Iranians had placed a bomb on the side of the oil tankers. They had video evidence of the dark deed. But careful scrutiny by independent security experts failed to confirm the American version. The opinion article highlights “The Gulf Of Tonkin incident.” The Americans had accused the North Vietnamese of attacking American destroyers in 1964, this enabled president Lyndon Johnson to persuade the Congress to permit escalation of American military intervention. Historians however have concluded that no American destroyer was attacked, it was a False Flag operation to ensure greater American military involvement in Vietnam. The 26/11 Mumbai attack was not a False Flag however much conspiracy theorists may advocate, because the government of the day did not stand to benefit in any way, moreover it did not, the dastardly attack in fact proved very embarrassing for the Congress party.


The Kashmir DSP’s arrest is a cause of concern; are we on the brink of further shock.Sepis is feared for exactly this, patients if not treated quickly enough go down the slippery slope of shock. Sepsis is the deranged and dysregulated life threatening response of the human body to infection, accompanied by acute organ dysfunction. The body begins to attack itself in defence against the infection. The risk of death is high, in fact in many cases more than an acute heart attack. Once the qSOFA score exceeds 2 or if 2 of 3 conditions are present the chances of dying become 10%; the conditions are 1)altered mental status, 2) systolic blood pressure less than 100 mm Hg or 3) respiration rate more than 22/min. The patient ism considered to be in shock if she needs inotropic support to keep mean blood pressure over 65 mm Hg or have serum lactate greater than 2 mmol/L. This week’s Lancet has published an excellent article reporting the global burden of sepsis. As expected incidence and mortality are greatest in low and middle income group countries, India has slipped into the low income group.


In 2017 almost 50 million or 5 crore people suffered from sepsis across Earth. Sepsis kills more people than cancer, and kills 5 times more people than treat cancer in America. Of the nearly 50 million sepsis patients more than 11 million or 1.1 crore patients died in 2017, that is every 3 seconds one patient dies (Lancet 2020; 395: 200–11).




The incidence in 2017 is however less than in previous years, as there were more than 60 million cases in 1990. The recent figures rely own death certificates that may not be reliable, hence the figure of 50 million patients in one year could be a conservative estimate. The paper has been published by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle. Half of the patients were children, the leading cause was diarrhoea for sepsis, while pneumonia caused most deaths. Recent guidelines underline the importance of sepsis being a harbinger of death that therefore mandates immediate response with broad spectrum antibiotics and intravenous fluids. Both gram positive (Staphylococcus aureus) and gram negative (Pseudomonas or E.coli) are responsible for most sepsis cases. The most important underlying cause was infection, followed by injury and non communicable disease.


Lancet 2020; 395: 200–11


The editorial applauds the first comprehensive world report on the epidemiology of sepsis; and urges that individual countries put up their own surveillance programs and protocols for treatment. Sepsis continues to be major cause of serious disease globally with there highest burden in low income nations.is not a disease but a syndrome that requires. Ironically the body mortally attacks its own organs while responding to an infection, a variant of a False Flag, bacteria frame the organs as the enemy, and the human body unleashes deadly chemical arsenal to destroy itself. Remember the bacteria has acquired its stealth after hundreds of million years of evolution; we are around a mere 200,ooo years old; puny compared to our co habitants of the planet. The bacteria hack is far superior to the Russians or the Americans; they delude us into believing that are own organs are the culprits, the result is total mayhem; the mother of all False Flags. No wonder 20% of all deaths in the world, due to illness, are because of sepsis. A victim , ladies and gentlemen, kicks the bucket, every 3 seconds.


JAMA. 2016;315(8):801-810. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.0287

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