Hats off the the English for their extensive contribution in the treatment of Covid 19 during this pandemic. No other nation has piled up so much practical data in managing Covid 19. They gave us data that dexamethsasone (Recovery trial ) and tocilizumab (Recovery ) work. We Laos know that budesonide is an effective anti viral thanks to the Stoic and Principal trials supervised by Oxford. The latest form recovery os that a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies can significantly reduce mortality in critical patients with Covid provided that there was absence of natural antibodies in these patients.


English scientists have now urged the UK government to go slow in jabbing children, till there is more data on risks. This is pragmatic and sensible advice. 


Children are somehow less affected by this virus and transmit less than 50% of what adults do. Moreover mortality is extremely low. One in a million in the UK and only 0.7% of 45,000 deaths in the US (CDC data).


Rarely children may develop a multi system inflammatory syndrome , but death is very low. Incidence of inflammatory multi system syndrome is about 2 in 100,000 children only.


Recently a paper has been published on 46 children admitted for multi system inflammatory syndrome in a renowned London hospital for children. Albeit 80% of these sick children received immunoglobulins, 50% got corticosteroids or inotropic support, and 35% needed a ventilator, every child survived.


There were some cases of residual weakness but these can be explained by other factors than only the virus.


All except one child was attending online classes at six months ; the mean age of the admitted children was 10 years. Two thirds were boys.


Considering we have no clue of long term adverse effects of gene modifying vaccines amid recent reports of more than normal incidence of myocarditis in children, we must be absolutely certain of the safety of vaccines in children , before embarking on a mass vaccination program.

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